Boukari Village

Boukari is a small fishing village at the southern coast of Corfu. It is renowned for its numerous taverns by the sea which offer fresh seafood. On weekends, many locals visit Boukari to enjoy fresh seafood delicacies and Corfiot dishes.
Boukari is a lush area. In some areas, the treas reach the coasts. As there aren't many major hotel facilities in the region, the water is crystal clear. Boukari remains traditional and authentic over the years maintaining the cultural identity of the people and the peacefulness of the landscape. It is ideal for families and those who seek tranquility and relaxation during their holidays.
Moraitika is an area 5km from Boukari and Messonghi where you can find bars, cafes, pharmacies, supermarkets, clinics, banks, post office and water sports facilities at the beach. Many boat trips options depart from there.


One of the main sights of Messonghi is the river that divides the area. You can see the bridge as you come to Boukari. From Messoghi you can start your tour in the southern part of Corfu.

Places to visit:

LEFKIMI (22 km (from Messonghi)

Lefkimmi is a coastal villages. Wander around the picturesque alleys of the island and admire the traditional architecture. Take a romantic stroll in the small canal that flows through the center of Lefkimi and provides harbourage to fishing boats.

ST MATTHAIOS (5 km from Messonghi)

St. Matthew is a large village, built above the foothills of the mountain. The road from Messonghi to Saint Matthew is surrounded by a lush olive grove. The olive trees are so tall that at some point only a few sun rays pass through the trees creating a unique landscape.

On the main street you can find cafes and and admire the old mansions. One of the streets will lead you to the Monastery of Pantocrator, on the top of the hill. From St. Matthew you can also visit the Byzantine castle of Gardiki (13th cent.).  From the castle of Gardiki follow the road to the beach and you will get to Korission Lagoon.

Korission Lagoon covers an area of 6,000 acres and is an important wetland Korission which hosts cormorants and flamingos. The combination of the blue Ionian Sea and the blue lagoon create a spectacular landscape.


Halikounas beach lies In front of Korission lake. It is a long sandy beach that is suitable for everyone. Most families prefer the first half of the beach whereas those who seek tranquility and relaxation prefer the second half. There is a beach bar offering cool drinks, umbrellas and sunbeds. The winds make this  location the favourite spot of surfers.


If you walk alons the coast the road will take you to small fishermen's house. The trail to the Cedar Forest begins from there. Large areas of sand and cedars form a unique landscape. As you walk you can observe the white lilies and the 14 different species of orchids that grow there. At the end of the cedar forest you will find yourself among huge red sand dunes, which resemble the Sahara desert.

ISSOS (8 km from Messonghi)

Leaving from Messoghi, in your way towards Lefkimmi will find a sign to the beach of Issos. As you get closer to the sea you will see the large dunes of Issos. A huge sandy beach is next to them. There is a beach bar, showers, lounge chairs, umbrellas and water sport facilities . The two ends of the beach are less crowded. It is a unique chance to admire the romantic sunset behind the dunes.

CHLOMOS (9 km from Messonghi)

From Messoghi leading to Lefkimmi will find on your left a sign to the pale. It is just across the narrow street leading to the beach Issos. Wander the cobbled streets and walk among the mansions and climb to the top, the Church of St. Michael. The view is magnificent. See the entire south coast, west and east. In the village of Pale is the Balis Restaurant to enjoy delicacies and view. Tel 26620 52449


Sinarades is close to St. Mathew. You can visit Sinarades History and Folklore Museum, housed in a traditional building. Hours 09:00-14:00 (daily except Sunday). Entry Price: € 2 Tel. 26610 54962

From the main street of the village go uphills towards the "Balloon." There's a cafeteria (Tel. 26610 54162) with spectacular view of the seashore of Agios Gordis beach.

The beach of Agios Gordis is sandy with beautiful turquoise waters. It has many restaurants and is fully organized. You can enjoy the sunset sipping a drink at the beach bar.


Kynopiastes village houses the Olive Museum, an old mill housed in a perfectly restored building. Open from 18:00. Tel: 26610 49301. Visitors have the opportunity to admire a rich collection of tools and pictures of rural life of the last century.


Since 1936, the Trypas Tavern is a reason to visit Kynopiastes. The interior reminds of an old grocery store with salami and herbs hanging from the ceiling, wereas spider nets cover thousands of bottles causing surprise and admiration to the guests.

You can taste the local delicacies • pastitsada, sofrito, noumpoulo arrive in your tables continuously, without even having to order them. Tel 26610 56333


At the southwest of the island you will find beaches with fine sand, ideal for those who want to enjoy the serenity of the countryside. It is advisable to buy some bottles with water or cold drings because there are no shops in this area.


Beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by impressive rock formations.

Ideal for those who seek relaxation. You will also find taverns which serve seafood and Corfiot delicacies. Sun beds and umbrellas are provided at the beach.

KAVOS (23km from Messonghi)

Located at the southernmost end of Corfu, Kavos features a lively beach with sand and shallow waters. It is well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. There is also a diving center and a variety of restaurants and snack bars. Kavos is well-known for its lively nightlife.

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